New Tram Hunter web site

I’ve been slowly doing some bits and pieces for a new Tram Hunter web site. I would now like to announce the new site at

Since v0.5 of Tram Hunter, we’ve included an option to send anonymous usage statistics to a server I have running on Google’s App Engine. My main aim was to generate some heat maps, based on the location of tram stop requests.

You can now see the final version of the heap map, which is generated nightly, from the latest 1000 requests. It turns out to be quite interesting to look at.

I’m also using the Google Chart API to generate some nice pie charts showing some other info like handset model, Android version and mobile networks.

In other Tram Hunter news, the latest stats from the Android Market show 5687 total installs, with 4293 active installs (75%). We also have a 4.85 rating out of 5, with 255 comments. The comments are all really positive, so it definitely makes development worthwhile.

I’ve created a new Twitter account for Tram Hunter, so for the latest updates, follow @tram_hunter.