Back from Thailand.. only a few dramas

As you may have heard, protests have been going on in Bangkok recently. It seems to be about the Thai people wanting their prime minister to resign.

We finally got a taxi from our hotel to the airport, after many taxi’s refused to take us. The guy who did end up taking us was a bit crazy, and he was going 130 km/h down the 80 km/h freeway and our seatbelts didn’t work.

Protesters were stopping traffic a few kilometers from the airport. Traffic was crawling from there towards the airport, with people wearing yellow shirts yelling a going crazy.

We managed to almost make it all the way to the airport, but we had to get our and walk the last bit, which wasn’t too bad. News says that the airport was closed shortly after, so we were probably lucky.

The Age has an article: Protesters storm Bangkok airport which might give some insight about what is going on in Bangkok right now.

I’ve got more to write about our holiday, but that might have to come tomorrow.